Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Lemme spitball for a sec.

Reflecting on my art career, it reflects a lot of my other jobs and life in general. Living by the motto, "doing a lot with very little" is something that's been ingrained by upbringing, necessity, and inventiveness. I've been in companies where resources were tight and we had to wear many hats. Had to pull off projects that typically used 5 to 10 times the manpower. Work within very tight budgets and timelines of clients. There have been plenty of experiences where we made the conventionally impossible, possible and beautiful.

This doesn't just extend to *how* I do work though, but also what kind of work. I try to look for stuff in terms of simple shapes & make the most out of them. Create "a lot with a little" in terms of composition, color, storytelling, construction, etc.

Some may think that simpler design and illustration *is* simpler than something ornate. I'd argue it's just a different outlook - both require a lot of thought & effort, but the results are highly contrasted. But that's another part of what makes art beautiful - so many ways to get to so many different results. And even if two people take the same exact approaches, it can still end up with very different results.

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