Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Made this while cooling down from today's projects.

I'm not entirely sure if I like it or not - on one hand, it's my first time playing with a lot of brushes, and it's been a while since I've tried to break out of some shapes/habits I adopt when just doodling.

On the other hand...? Not convinced I like how it looks. But it's good practice and there are some things I learned while doing it.

Thursday, July 11, 2013

OK, dust this thing off, move this over here, and...


Hey folks! It's been a while!

I'm still making art, and I'm still all over the internet. Cases in point:

My dA page
A new(ish) Facebook page!
Now on Tumblr!
And always on Twitter!

Cool stuff I've done lately:
  • Work featured in Udon's Tribute books (3 out of 4 so far!), with the most recent one (a WoW book) out this month!
  • Designed backgrounds - from buildings and props to entire environments - for two iOS games from The Playforge (found here and here!)
  • Made cool commissions ranging from work for an artist's comic (Misfortune High), to stuff in videogames, and so on
  • Currently working with Timbuktoons on a project

I'm trying to fold this blog back into the circle of places that I check/update, although I could really do with finding a way to consolidate all these info dumps. Other than that, what are plans with this blog?

Not really sure - I use dA for general art posts, twitter to chat with other artists, tumblr for quick sketch/progress/wip dumps & share inspiring stuff, and facebook as just a fb "face" online...so...what could blogger do that the other formats can't?

Long form posting for one. So maybe stuff about art theory? Try to wrangle out the "why" of what I do? Not really sure...

One thing is for certain - I don't like the notion of letting these things languish, so I'll try to keep this page active.