Sunday, February 21, 2010


Joined up to a group on DA called Design-A-Character . Each week a new challenge is posted, from designing characters based on random shapes to re imagining existing designs.

These were a few for the first time I participated. Looking forward to doing more!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Another Gallery Show + Computer Issues

Long time, no talk folks!

I'll be in another gallery show on April 3rd in the LA area! It another bike-themed show, and all art will be 'hand printed' meaning silkscreen, lino block print, etc. I've got a design figured but no color scheme yet. Want to keep it one color so it's affordable though.

Also, I caught the first malware/spyware infection ever! Had my current PC for 5+ years, and I've been working to fix it (and almost there!), but until then I've kept most of my updating to password-protected places to other computers. Gotta thank the girl for the laptop use...

Here's the design for the show, plus some sketchwork and stuff that's gone up at DeviantArt but failed to go up here!

This last one is for the art show.