Friday, April 18, 2008

Hold the Phone

Yes, I am alive and kicking.

I've also been drawing. Some of it I can't show - a lot probably. I'm currently working for Disney Consumer Products in Apparel design. It's a pretty neat gig - I get to draw what will hopefully turn into icons used on children's clothing. Then there's the usual layout/design stuff that became second nature when working at 49er Shops.

Funny enough, I haven't spent nearly as much time drawing outside of work. Partly from a lack of self motivation to the hand cramps acting up again and now much, much worse. It worries me, but no insurance means I can't get it looked at. Need to fix that.

But I have done some work I can show (I think) - it was a submission to Udon's Street Fighter fanart book that's coming out in time for Comic Con 08. I'll edit this post later once I get my hands on the link. Anyway the submission wasn't selected to I think its safe to post this one up.