Friday, May 22, 2009

Big Illustration Party Time

If you're a budding illustrator heading to school, just starting out in the real world, or even been around the block, there's a great podcast out there. Big Illustration Party Time is hosted by freelance illustrators and published cartoonists Joshua Kemble and Kevin Cross, and covers a lot of technical aspects of illustration.

The format's informal with loads of helpful content. They cover topics such as starting out, building a portfolio, promotion, and process of projects. It's the first podcast I've ever heard that gets into the nuts and bolts of illustration and never resorts to generalizations or vague insights. While they go off topic from time to time, it's never a distraction. In fact some of their tangents provide even greater bits of info. Plus it's a lot of fun just listening to other artists "talk shop" - a definite joy for any freelancer working from home.

It's been a personal boon this past week, seeing as I've been redoubling efforts into producing work at a steady pace. I got so caught up over finding a job that I feel the need to place just as much emphasis on daily practice and steady content. BIPT is a great listen and a smart addition to any playlist.

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