Friday, September 7, 2007

More Sketching

These are just some rough sketches I've been doing recently. With the exception of the Samus thumbnail (about an inch and a half big), I've only been drawing lines, ellipses, grids, cubes, cylinders, etc. Rather than dump all of that on you, I posted some more interesting stuff I've done in the past week.

Why all these lines and shapes, you ask? My friend Shaun lent me some awesome DVDs from The Gnomon Workshop, so I've been practicing along today. The Samus thumbnail was an attempt at taking some of the more rudimentary stuff Scott Robertson mentions in his two volumes and putting it to practice with my own way of sketching. It looks cool and definitely more
solid than a lot of my other work. When it comes to gestural sketching and coloring it all comes easier than technical drawing. So rather than treat them as separate things I want to use the two to the best of their merits.

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